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PRN Nurse

ShiftKeyAustin, TXNov 26, 2022
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About the gig

As a PRN nurse on ShiftKey, you are in control with the flexibility to decide when and where you want to work. Whether you are a registered nurse (RN), licensed nurse practitioner (LPN), or a certified nurse assistant (CNA), you can find and bid on shifts at local Austin area hospitals, outpatient clinics, and skilled nursing facilities using ShiftKey.


  • Graduate from an accredited school of nursing
  • Licensed to pracitce in the state of TX
  • Can care for patients with minimal to no guidance
  • Proficient with computers and documenting in electronic medial record systems.


  • Manage your own schedule by deciding which days and times you'd like to work.
  • Claim shifts and show up at the health care facility on time and ready to work.
  • Option to take on shifts in nearby cities and towns throughout Travis County, like Rollingwood, West Lake Hills and Lost Creek.
  • Apply critical thinking problem solving skills to patient care.
  • Practice specialized skills in patient assessment.
  • Provide planning and delivery of direct and indirect patient care.
  • Communicate effectively through speaking, writing, and reading with other staff.


  • Excellent work life balance where you make your own schedule, decline shifts you don’t want to work, and take personal time off whenever you choose.
  • Gain experience in a variety of nursing specialties.
  • Decide how much you get paid by bidding on shifts independently without dealing with staffing agencies or travel contracts.

About ShiftKey

ShiftKey is an app that connects top-tier health care facilities with local nurses looking for PRN opportunities. Nurses can find, bid, and book local shifts easily from their phone.

How do I sign up

  • Hit the APPLY button.
  • Sign up on the ShiftKey website.
  • Upload your credentials and pass a background check.
  • Start searching and bidding on shifts.

Frequently asked questions about this gig

Pay rates will vary depending on the shift and facility. All pay rates are posted on the shifts and visible before you request them. You can also request on a higher rate if desired.

Yes, supplement your regular fulltime job’s income with extra shifts on ShiftKey.

Direct deposit into your bank account is every Tuesday for the previous week’s work. You also have the option to get paid the next day with the ShiftKey’s PayCard.

With a population of over 951.0k people and 3.8k people per square mile, expect there to be good demand for PRN nurses in Austin. Nearby cities and the surrounding region have over 1.2m people and 1.2k people per square mile, which should provide a excellent amount of demand as well.

Background checks will typically take less than 5 business days. You will also be required to complete a drug screening.

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